United Farm Workers


We just found out these pesticides are even more dangerous
EPA comment period ends Feb. 23

Cesar Chavez’ UFW has been fighting to ban the most dangerous pesticides that put farm workers and consumers at risk. Our broad coalition of partners has been fighting for years to convince the EPA to ban organophosphates. These pesticides have been scientifically-proven to poison farm workers and communities that are near agricultural fields.

The dangers of 7 neurotoxic pesticides have recently become even more alarming. An extensive body of newer scientific evidence has shown that they damage children’s brains and lead to such alarming deficits as reduced IQ, autism, and attention disorders at minimal levels of exposure.

The EPA is currently seeking public comment on these findings. Tell the EPA to ban these 7 neurotoxic pesticides that have been linked to brain damage before the deadline on February 23rd. These pesticides are:  chlorpyrifos-methyl, dicrotophos, dimethoate, ethoprop, profenofos, terbufos, and tribufos.

Last November, the EPA finally started the process to ban most uses of one of these dangerous pesticides called chlorpyrifos. That’s good, but more needs to be done. It’s time for the agency to ban organophosphates.

We can’t let these pesticides continue to poison people. The EPA will be accepting comments until February 23. Please urge the agency to ban all uses of these 7 toxic pesticides now.