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Sign the AgJOBS Pledge

Please watch UFW President in the video below as UFW President Arturo Rodriguez talks about the Take Our Jobs campaign on Comedy Central's Colbert Report. Then take action and sign the AgJOBS pledge today!
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Arturo Rodriguez

U.S. Agriculture is dependent on an immigrant workforce. Last week, President Obama recognized the vital role immigrant farm workers play in feeding America. Like the President we all know that deporting all undocumented farm workers would cause the collapse of the agricultural industry. This is why the UFW has launched the Take Our Jobs campaign. The effort spotlights the immigrant labor issue and underscores the need for reforms.

Sign the AgJOBS pledge today and take a stand to tell legislators that they should do all they can to support the bipartisan AgJOBS bill, created by both agribusiness and the UFW.

Pledge: I support the bipartisan AgJOBS bill put together by the nation's agricultural industry and the United Farm Workers and will do all I can do to see it passed in 2010.