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Child's plea: Please help my dad

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The children of the Ruby Ridge workers drink milk. Many of our children drink milk. We all want our children to be healthy and strong. Yet for the children of the workers at Ruby Ridge, drinking milk comes at a high price. Their stories give us a glimpse of the price these children have paid.

15 year old Brian Ramirez, tells us, "At Ruby Ridge they didn’t treat my dad right. He didn’t have any water, they wouldn’t give him a lunch hour, they would have to wait 10 hours just to be able to eat. This is wrong, this makes me mad but it also makes me sad because my dad works very hard to be able to give us a better future. I have three little sisters Estrellita, Eden and Evelyn. My papa did that work in order to give us a better future but what the company did was take advantage of my dad...Every human being has the right to fight for his rights. What my dad did was fight for all of the workers at Ruby Ridge so that his coworkers can also better their working conditions."

Rafael Muniz, Jr's dad was also fired from Ruby Ridge. Eleven year old Rafita, as he known, says: “They fired [my Dad] only for trying to make things right at the company. This makes me feel very sad, angry, and bad. My dad didn’t deserve to be treated this way.”

Milk shouldn’t have to come at such a high price. Please support Brian, Rafita and the other children of Ruby Ridge workers and their parents. Let them know that they’re not alone in their support of their parents. Take action now and sign the petition which will be delivered to Darigold on January 27.