United Farm Workers


Tell NBC to Dump Donald Trump as host for 'Saturday Night Live'

The United Farm Workers has proudly joined the “Racism is Not Funny” coalition. More than 360,000 people have already signed its petitions to be delivered to Matt Bond, chairman of content distribution for NBCUniversal, and Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels.

Saturday Night Live announced Donald Trump is hosting its Nov. 7 program. The popular comedy show, criticized for not adequately representing Latinos, is carried by NBC, which ended its relationship with Trump over his prejudiced anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Now NBC seeks to boost ratings at the expense of Latinos and immigrants whom Trump defames. Handing over this platform to a bigot and calling it entertainment is not something we find funny. Trump calls immigrants from Mexico “rapists”—and worse. He promises to rip apart millions of immigrant and Latino families.

NBC cannot bill hateful rhetoric as comedy, much less entertainment. Tell NBC to drop Donald Trump as host of Saturday Night Live!



For the latest coalition campaign information please visit: http://www.racismisntfunny.com/