United Farm Workers


Act now before comment period on EPA’s disastrous chlorpyrifos decision ends

Despite incredibly strong scientific evidence showing the chemical is unsafe, Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reversed course on plans to pull this brain-harming insecticide off the market — putting the health of millions of children and farm workers at risk. Chlorpyrifos has been shown to harm children’s brains and reduce the IQ of farm worker children. Its sale and use must be stopped.

The comment period on this terrible decision is open until June 5. Help us flood EPA with the message that keeping chlorpyrifos on the market is unacceptable.

As you may have seen in the news, the coalition we’re part of has already taken Pruitt’s EPA back to court on this issue. We’ve been told by the lawyers that the agency’s sudden reversal is on shaky legal ground.

Add your name to the petition demanding EPA follow the science on chlorpyrifos today — and help us spread the word! The more signatures we collect, the more attention we can focus on this important issue that risks the health of farm workers and their children.

Thank you for making a difference!