United Farm Workers


One week left: Tell EPA to ban this brain-harming pesticide

After years of pressure from folks like yourself, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finally proposing to ban almost all remaining uses of the brain-harming insecticide chlorpyrifos.  This is tremendous news for workers, children and rural families across the country.

Can you help us get a chlorpyrifos ban to the finish line? The public comment period ends next Tuesday, January 17. EPA needs to hear from you TODAY!

The science supporting this ban is overwhelming. We cannot allow the incoming administration to derail this long overdue measure to protect children’s health — though they will undoubtedly try.

CropLife, the pesticide industry’s trade association, is already pressing hard to block action on chlorpryifos and similar pesticides. Help us make it clear to the EPA that children’s health is non-negotiable.

Sign on to the public comments today and make your voice heard. EPA must follow the science — and fulfill the court order — to ban this brain-harming pesticide and then take action on others like it.