United Farm Workers


Let’s make sure law-breaking companies like Gerawan don’t get away with it!

I’ve been working at Gerawan Farming for 6 years. During my time there, we have been demanding the UFW contract the law says we should have. But Gerawan refuses to negotiate in good faith. Instead they’re dragging this out so we will just give up.

We’re tired of this and want our contract, so we’re fighting back. I along with other workers put together a delegation to visit Central Valley supermarkets that sell Gerawan’s Prima brand fruit.

Why did we do this? Because we hope the stores would get our message up to management. Corporate executives say their companies have standards for the growers who supply them with fresh fruits and vegetables. But this doesn’t seem to be true.

Sure, growers like Gerawan claim to be a good place to work. As workers we see how our employers really clean up their act when a supermarket auditor comes by to check on how things really are with food safety practices and working conditions. But when they leave, things go back to normal.

We can be the eyes and the ears out there, but only if we’re not afraid of losing our jobs. If we had the protections included in our union contract, which our employer continues to illegally refuse to implement, then we would feel free to make sure things were done right.

We know consumers care about these things. So far we have nearly 10,000 signatures on our petition to supermarket chains asking for them to enforce the standards they promise their customers.

When you go to the store to buy your holiday food, can you help us get the message to the store chains? Sign our petition and then take one more step and give this flyer to your store manager.

Thank you!

Alejandro Paniagua

Updated October 20, 2017