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Gerawan workers asking for help in holding grocery stores accountable

When you go to the grocery store to buy fruits and vegetables, you assume your supermarket has done their work to make sure the produce you’re going to purchase is grown responsibly and the workers who harvested that food weren’t abused or exploited. After all, most supermarkets have a supplier code of conduct. You shouldn't have to worry about this, right?

However, this may not be true if they buy their produce from Gerawan farming - the nation’s largest grower of stone fruit and a known lawbreaker. Workers are requesting that major grocery chains that sell Gerawan’s Prima brand hear out their firsthand experiences from the fields and also clarify how they will hold this supplier accountable.

Workers have shared that they’ve been cheated out of wages (including the company failing to comply with minimum wage laws), been robbed of the wage increases and paid holidays included in their union contract that the company refused to implement and have had to work in an environment where their employer has actively undermined their rights.
With the season season in full force -- the kick off to the biggest buying season for peaches, plums, and nectarines -- it’s important that grocery chains get the message that having standards is not enough.

Real assurance requires real accountability. How is the code of conduct enforced? What happens when a supplier is in violation of the code of conduct? What are the consequences?

Let your grocer know that this matters to YOU.

Can you pledge to support the workers by:
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•    Checking off whether you shop at any of these stores that carry Prima products.
•    Sharing this e-mail and asking your friends to sign the petition too.

Take action today and start demanding real accountability!

Updated July 20, 2017