United Farm Workers


Pledge to support the new bill for fair overtime for CA’s farm workers

This Saturday, June 25, marks exactly 78 years since the Fair Labor Standards Act was signed excluding farm workers from its overtime protections. This can no longer be justified or tolerated.

The UFW is determined to change this. Despite the California State Assembly’s failure to pass legislation in June, we hope to give the Assembly another chance to right this wrong in August.

The bill received a 38-35 vote, three short of the needed 41-vote majority. Fourteen Democrats sided with the Republicans, including six who chose not to vote at all -- when they knew their vote was needed and farm workers were literally knocking on their office doors late into the night imploring them to help.

We currently have a new bill, AB1066, which is in the CA Senate. As bill author Rep. Lorena Gonzalez declared last weekend, “Tens of thousands of farm workers are toiling in the fields without the same overtime protections that other hourly workers in our state receive. They deserve better. California can do better. That's why we amended ‪#‎AB1066 -- to once again try to get an eight hour day for farm workers. We won't stop until this bill passes.”

It is outrageous that CA’s farm workers perform some of the most physically-demanding jobs with pay and working conditions at levels that most Americans would not tolerate -- and yet still continue to be excluded from overtime laws relied on by most American workers. AB1066, “The Phase In Overtime for Agricultural Workers Act” is a commonsense solution that will make farm workers eligible for overtime pay... and it starts in California, which provides over half of America's fresh produce and sets the pace for the entire nation.

Will you support farm workers? By signing the pledge you are committing to lobby those six politicians who wouldn’t vote and the eight Democrats who chose to vote with Republicans.

In addition, farm workers plan to start a social media campaign posting their stories starting today and through the anniversary weekend of the Fair Labor Standards act. If you have a social media account (Facebook/Twitter) or know someone who does, please share and retweet their posts.

Sign the pledge NOW.