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Protect California school kids from pesticides
Your comments will be hand-delivered on July 12

Help protect California school kids from dangerous pesticides being applied near their schools. The UFW and a coalition of partners is calling for the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to enact a 1-mile pesticide-free buffer zone around schools.

Why is this so important? Because many of the pesticides used near schools are linked to cancer, respiratory and reproductive damage, or known to harm the brain and nervous system. And science shows that children’s developing minds and bodies are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of these chemicals.

In 2014 the California Department of Public Health issued a report documenting the use of 144 hazardous, drift-prone pesticides used in large quantities (up to 29,000 pounds) within a quarter mile of many California schools. The report also highlighted the fact that Latino children in California are almost twice as likely as white children to attend schools near the highest use of these hazardous agricultural pesticides.  

Pesticides known to harm children should not be used where kids learn and play. Period. Sign now. Our coalition will hand-deliver your comments and signature to DPR Director Leahy on July 12.