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Ask Trump AG nominee Sessions if he will continue Justice Department criminal contempt proceeding against Arpaio

Sessions' Senate confirmation hearings start on Tuesday!

Everyone knows Republican U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions as one of the most anti-immigrant lawmakers in Congress. He has opposed every practical immigration reform plan during his 20 years representing Alabama.

Since Donald Trump nominated Sessions to be Attorney General, the senator has misled the Senate and the nation about his 1980s civil rights record as U.S. Attorney in Alabama. Sessions claimed he “personally” litigated four civil rights cases then. But the former Justice Department attorneys who actually brought three of the lawsuits wrote a Jan. 3 article in the Washington Post clearly stating Sessions had no real involvement in any of them. All he did was sign his name on the lawsuits as U.S. Attorney.

An even more important question arises as Sessions’ Senate confirmation hearings take place this week: Will Sessions as Attorney General pursue a criminal contempt of court proceeding that could put former Maricopa County (Phoenix, Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio in jail for ignoring a 2011 federal judge’s injunction?

Arpaio was found guilty of unlawfully detaining Latinos and immigrants during discriminatory neighborhood raids and police stops where people were racially profiled solely because of their race and language. The 2011 federal court injunction ordered Arpaio to stop these illegal practices. Arpaio, who was overwhelmingly defeated for re-election last November, deliberately refused to obey the judge’s order. Now he faces jail time.

Arpaio was an early key supporter of Trump’s presidential campaign. The U.S. Justice Department’s chief duty is enforcing the laws of our country. As Attorney General, will now-Senator Jeff Sessions continue pushing to put Trump ally Arpaio in jail for flouting the judge’s order? That is a key question Senator Sessions should be made to answer during his Senate hearings.

Please sign the petition asking Arizona U.S. Senator Jeff Flake to get Senator Sessions to answer whether he will continue enforcing the Justice Department criminal contempt proceeding against former Sheriff Arpaio.