United Farm Workers


This Thanksgiving thank a farm worker

Happy Thanksgiving. As our families prepare to gather around the Thanksgiving table, we want to ask everyone to take a second to thank the men and women who labor to put the food on our Thanksgiving tables, and whose labor feeds us all year long. These hard working people labor day after day behind the scenes in heat, cold and rain to harvest the food that ends up in supermarkets and eventually on your table.

Join us in recognizing them and letting them know we appreciate everything they do, by signing the online Thanksgiving card our organizers will share with our members at their various farms and dairies. Please add your own personal message in the space provided.

Juan Manuel Rosales works for Wonderful Agricultural Management, LLC. Juan usually works 9 hours a day, 6 days a week and prunes 130-140 trees a day. Juan tells us that he & his co-workers “work with great joy and enthusiasm because they have clean water, bathrooms and adequate shade in the hot season.” He says, “this company is totally different from other companies where I have worked…it is a very nice place to work thanks to our union contract.” 

Gerardo Rios wants you to know “I have worked for the company Chateau Ste. Michelle for 31 years and thanks to my union contract I have health insurance that covers me and my family. I invite you all to buy wine from the company Chateau Ste Michelle because they treat their workers right.”  

Please take a moment right now to sign the Thanksgiving card and add your own personal message. Let our members who labor so hard to put food on your table know how much you appreciate their efforts.

In addition, UFW members are marking this Thanksgiving holiday season with a campaign they launched on social media. “From Our Hands to Your Tables” has videos and photos where they highlight their stories and the work they do every day. To follow this campaign go to: https://www.facebook.com/unitedfarmworkers/ and https://twitter.com/UFWupdates or look for our #ThankAFarmWorker and #WeFeedyou hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please watch and share their stories with friends.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!