United Farm Workers


They’re trying to take overtime away from CA farm workers who make piece rate

In 2016 after years of fighting in the CA legislature, the UFW finally won phased in overtime for farm workers. Governor Brown corrected a historic wrong and set an example for other states to follow.

The new CA overtime law phases in overtime for farm workers after eight hours on the job or 40 hours in a single week just like other workers. The change in the law will begin in 2019 and lower the current 10-hour-day threshold for overtime by a ½ hour each year until it reaches the standard eight-hour day by 2022. It also will phase in a 40-hour standard workweek for the first time.

The new rules haven’t even started yet and growers are trying to get out of them. Join us in opposing AB 2484, which attempts to eliminate overtime pay for certain agricultural employees, including piece rate workers. This bill will be heard in the CA Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment on Wednesday, April 18th. Send your email today opposing AB 2484.
Do not let growers reverse this basic right that all workers deserve. Take action and send your email to Tony Thurmond, Chair of the CA Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment.

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