United Farm Workers


Shame on Congressman Aguilar!

Today just after the UFW, Congressman Luis Gutierrez and other members of Congress held a successful press conference in Washington DC highlighting the importance of the Agricultural Worker Program Act -- known as the "Blue Card' -- growers and the GOP introduced harmful H2A language to the Department of Homeland Security bill.

This would have a detrimental impact on thousands of dairy and agricultural farm workers across the country. People working in the dairy industry are drowning to their deaths in manure pools because of so few basic labor protections. Why would Congressman Aguiar support expanding a program like H-2A that reduces labor protections for farm workers?

What’s equally upsetting is that California Congressman Pete Aguilar, whose district is home to many farm workers, sided with the growers and house republicans by voting in favor of this bill.

The "Blue Card" offers experienced farm workers presently toiling in the fields the chance to legally remain working in agriculture in the United States, and is a much more workable solution than importing substantial numbers of additional guest workers from outside the country. With at least half of the nation’s farm workers being undocumented and given the increase in deportations and immigration enforcement under the Trump administration, why would Congressman Aguilar decide to vote against farm worker families and exacerbate an already tough situation in American agriculture? It makes no sense.

Please email Congressman Aguilar today and let him know that he should be ashamed of voting against the farm worker families who feed America.

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