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EPA failed. Time for California to step up.

May 5 pesticide drift report just in

Just this week, the Kern County Agricultural Commissioner confirmed that one of the pesticides involved in a major pesticide drift incident in May was chlorpyrifos. This past March, Trump’s EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt decided to reverse the scheduled ban on chlorpyrifos and keep this dangerous neurotoxin on the market despite decades of independent study and clear links to damage to human health — especially for kids.

California has a chance to change this. As the largest agricultural producer, what CA does will affect the nation. Speak up today and urge the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to ban this incredibly harmful pesticide.

It’s urgent to take action ASAP. On May 5th, as many as 37 workers in a crew of 48 cabbage pickers and packers at a field south of Bakersfield began feeling ill about an hour into their shift. Some began fainting and vomiting and at least five workers received medical attention. The pesticides drifted a half-mile from where they were applied, in violation of California law.

Chlorpyrifos was banned for home use in 2001 because of its clear impact on children’s developing brains. But it continues to be used in agriculture, contaminating fruits and vegetables and putting rural kids, families and farm workers across the country at risk. Science on chlorpyrifos is crystal clear. Childhood and prenatal exposure to this chemical can lead to changes in brain structure, loss of IQ, ADHD, developmental and behavioral disorders, as well as reduced lung function and other harm. EPA scientists have said there is “no safe level” of the neurotoxicant on food crops.

Please take action today and tell the Department of Pesticide Regulation to lead the charge and ban chlorpyrifos in California!

More than 1 million pounds of this chemical are used annually in the state, with children and farm workers facing the greatest exposure from pesticide drift like the one confirmed this week.

Please send your message today!

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