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Tell the Brown administration it’s time to stop chlorpyrifos

In the wake of the federal government’s failure to ban chlorpyrifos, state governments are stepping up to protect the health of children and communities. As the largest agricultural state in the nation, California needs to stand up for our children. Tell the Brown administration to suspend use of this brain-harming pesticide today!

In March of last year, the new Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, did an about face on the planned national ban of chlorpyrifos. Other states are moving ahead regardless. A resolution calling for action on chlorpyrifos was introduced in Minnesota last spring, and state legislation has been proposed in Maryland and New Jersey

Here in California, a team of independent scientists recently listed chlorpyrifos as a “developmental toxicant,” affirming that the chemical harms children’s developing brains. The science is clear: this pesticide can harm children’s developing brains and nervous systems, even at the low levels found as residue in food. Latino children in rural communities are on the frontlines of exposure, and farm workers are also at risk.

Chlorpyrifos use needs to be suspended ASAP. California's children, farm workers and rural communities do not have time for a lengthy process that continues to put them at risk. Send your message to the Brown administration today.

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