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Comment period just opened: Tell CA’s DPR this proven neurotoxic pesticide has to go

“Friday, May 5th was one of the scariest days ever ... I think it’s unfortunate that workers weren’t told what to do with their soiled clothes. I hope nobody brought their clothes inside or hugged their children or loved ones when they got home wearing their same work clothes.”  -- Aylin

California officials just announced steps to address the threat of brain-harming insecticide, chlorpyrifos. Instead of being a leader, CA is failing by following the Trump line of more studies are needed.  California’s plan doesn’t protect those most directly impacted by exposure to chlorpyrifos — children and farmworkers. Their plan calls for a public comment period, more studies,  additional risk assessments and basically more delaying tactics. In addition, these types of studies don't consider the already proven brain-harming effects on children’s developing brains. This re-assessment may conclude in December of 2018. Action is needed now.

Farm workers and their children must not keep on inadvertently being exposed to this neurotoxic chemical.  Make your voice heard on the Department of Pesticide Regulations’ (DPR) 45 day public comment period. Tell California officials to stop delaying.

More delaying tactics can mean more cases like those we just witnessed. There have been two cases since May where chlorpyrifos drift is being investigated. Aylin (story above) was one of 48 cabbage workers who were exposed to chlorpyrifos. The pesticides drifted a half-mile from where they were applied - more than 26 times the limit set by current rules aimed at protecting field workers.

Scientists have known for many years that chlorpyrifos damages children’s developing brains — reducing IQs, changing brain architecture and increasing risk of learning disabilities and disorders. That’s why it was banned for home use in 2001 and why we need it banned in the fields so Aylin, her co-workers and their families will not keep being test subjects.

As the largest agricultural producer and a huge user of chlorpyrifos, what CA does affects the nation. California has an opportunity to be a national leader on this issue. Sign on to the public comment period today and say, “California must follow the science and take action to protect communities across the state.”

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