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Tell your Congress members to co-sponsor chlorpyrifos ban bill

Momentum is building to protect farm workers, their kids and rural families from the brain-harming pesticide chlorpyrifos. Congress is stepping up to protect us where EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt failed to act. Both houses of Congress have introduced bills to ban chlorpyrifos -- HR3380 & S1624.

This Wednesday, the House is holding a Congressional briefing on this toxic chemical and the need for HR3380. One of the panelists will be a farm worker movement staffer who has been dealing with the victims of a May 5 incident where dozens of workers were exposed to this toxic pesticide. 

Congress shouldn’t have to act on this issue, but they do. Back in March, the newly appointed Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, rejected recommendations of his agency’s own scientists and halted their a scheduled ban of this widely used, neurotoxic insecticide -- a pesticide which scientists have known for more than a decade damages children’s developing brains. Pediatricians described Pruitt’s decision as “deeply alarming.”

The UFW and our partner coalition immediately took the EPA back to court. But the legal process is slow and farm workers, their children and rural communities need help right now! Delays increase the risk of exposure to this dangerous pesticide. There have already been more incidents this summer.

So, Congress is stepping up where Scott Pruitt failed. Thirty-one House members have already signed on to co-sponsor the bill (HR3380) and eight members of the Senate (S1624). Many more are needed. Can you ask your Congress members to join the fight by supporting these important bills?

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