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Tell your Congressmember: Words don’t matter -- action does

President Trump has left 800,000 lives in limbo by rescinding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Many Dreamers are sons and daughters of farm workers. They are also doctors, lawyers, researchers, students—all of them supporting America. This is the only home most of them have known.

President Trump said Congress should pass a law to address this issue. The law they proposed is called the DREAM Act. We need your immediate help or the DREAM Act could die in committee. To get the bill out of committee for a vote, we need to collect 218 signatures from Members of Congress. Many Members are saying they want a vote. If they sign the discharge petition, there can and will be a vote.

The discharge petition will be available for signatures beginning Monday, September 25th. The UFW will be checking daily with the Clerk of the House for the names of Members of Congress who sign this official petition to force a vote on the DREAM Act.

Enough is enough. This issue has been coming up for years and it is critical that a vote finally happen. So many hopeful futures hang in the balance. Take action today by writing your Congressmember and telling him or her to sign the discharge petition to bring the DREAM Act to a vote. Tell your Congressmember that saying you support Dreamers without doing everything you can to pass this legislation is the same as doing nothing at all. Words don’t matter; action does.

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