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Tell FEMA Florida farm workers need help after Hurricane Irma

“We need help, we need FEMA. You have any idea how to reach them?” -- Alice Barber, Immokalee FL resident whose home was destroyed

Hurricane updates from Florida’s big cities have been all over the news, but what about the farm workers in rural areas? We have been talking to our friends at the Farm Worker Association of Florida and they have shared with us that most people in the Immokalee area are without power. The  Association reports even surveying all of the damage is difficult.

Take action NOW and tell Trump's Federal Emergency Relief Agency (FEMA) to get relief to farm worker communities, not just the wealthy in the Florida Keys.  

Tuesday’s Los Angeles Times confirms what our friends at the Farm Worker Association of Florida are saying in an article entitled, “These migrant workers earn $350 a week in the fields. Now Irma has destroyed their homes.”  Here are some excerpts.

Hurricane Irma caused large-scale damage on its rampage through Florida, but this impoverished, largely Latino farming hub in the southwestern part of the state was among the areas hardest hit. While aid was being rushed to the Florida Keys and other ravaged coastal zones, as of Monday evening there was no sign of any help arriving to this rural backwater a day after the storm blasted through.

Immokalee — the name is said to derive from a Seminole word referring to “home” — is a place apart in Florida, remote and well off the tourist trail. Its poverty rate is among the state’s highest, encompassing more than one-third of the town’s 25,000 or so residents — yet it is only 50 miles or so from seaside Naples, one of the state’s wealthiest communities and the hub of Collier County, which includes Immokalee.

“We’re part of Florida, we’re part of Collier County, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it,” said Connie Velasquez, 22, a beauty parlor worker and lifelong Immokalee resident. “We’re usually the last to get help.”

Please help working people and our friends at the Farm Worker Association of Florida by taking action and emailing FEMA today!!

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