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Earth Day message to EPA’s Scott Pruitt: Don’t gut worker protection standards for farm workers

Sunday is Earth Day. Please take action to help protect farm workers who harvest the food that we eat. Until recently, the farm workers who help bring fresh fruit and vegetables to our tables were not protected by the same safety standards that most workers in the U.S. enjoyed. It took more than 20 years to update the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS) and more than 40 years to update the Certification of Pesticide Applicators (CPA) rule. These rules provide crucial pesticide training and life-saving protections to the most exposed and vulnerable workers and communities.

And now, Trump’s EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is talking about gutting these crucial protections we’ve fought so hard to get in place.

Take action now to protect farm workers and your food. Farm workers, pesticide applicators and the communities where they live and work face repeated exposure to a range of toxic chemicals. This is unacceptable.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt wants to weaken rules that would prevent children from applying toxic pesticides and protect all of us from dangerous chemicals found in agricultural, commercial and residential settings. By tampering with the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard and its sister set of safety standards, the Certification of Pesticide Applicators Rule, Pruitt is putting farm workers, pesticide handlers, their families and the entire public at risk. Send your Earth Day message to Scott Pruitt today.

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