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It’s time for EPA to do its job. Urge Congress to send Pruitt packing.

Congress has tasked the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with protecting our health and environment. However, it seems Administrator Pruitt has forgotten that the EPA works for us— not corporations like Dow and Monsanto. Day after day, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is making decisions that ignore science and threaten the health of families across the country.  

It’s time for Congress to act. Congress can and must ensure this public agency actually serves the public, rather than bowing to corporate interests. It’s time for Congress to call for the firing of Administrator Pruitt.

Three examples stand out of why Pruitt is unfit to run the EPA:

• Pruitt recently announced his intention to restrict the use of independent, non-industry science in agency decision-making, a move that former EPA leader Gina McCarthy warns could mean an "unraveling of public health protections."

• Barely one year ago, Pruitt did an about-face on the planned ban of chlorpyrifos. This came just weeks after a private meeting with Dow executives. His reversal means millions of children, farm workers and rural families continue to be exposed to this brain-harming pesticide.

• Pruitt has been living a life of clear conflict of interest. The New York Times reports there have been “a flurry of media reports about his regular first-class travel [and] his below-market rental agreement for accommodations in Washington with the wife of an energy lobbyist whose clients won favorable treatment from the EPA.”

William K. Reilly, who led the EPA under Republican President George Bush, said, “I think he’s well beyond his sell-by date...Any administration but this one would have discharged him long ago.”

We can't continue to accept this. Take action today and urge Congress to call for the firing of Administrator Pruitt so EPA can do its job!

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