United Farm Workers


Protect workers and children from pesticides

The farm workers who help bring fresh fruit and produce to our tables and the people who apply pesticides in our homes and communities aren’t protected by the same safety standards that most workers in the U.S. enjoy. Farm workers and pesticide applicators face repeated exposure to a range of toxic chemicals.

So when the Environmental Protection Agency announced an updated set of basic life-saving rules in 2015 and 2017, dozens of farm worker, labor, public health and environmental organizations rejoiced. But now the Trump administration has announced plans to reverse these crucial protections against pesticide exposure and poisonings.

From setting a minimum age of 18 for workers who mix, load and apply pesticides; to improving the content and quality of worker safety trainings; to providing farm workers with anti-retaliation protections and the right to request pesticide-application information, these basic safety standards were put in place to protect the 2.5 million farm workers in the U.S. who experience 10,000-20,000 reported pesticide poisonings per year, and approximately one million pesticide applicators.

Don’t let the Trump administration put farm workers, pesticide handlers, their families and the broader public at risk. Tell your senators to stop this attack on the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard and the Certification of Pesticide Applicators Rule.

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